Factors Of Frost Resistance Of Aerated Concrete

The system is not communicating, not filled with liquid then forms a buffer tank, which moves the excess amount of water being frozen. Thus, the aerated concrete in its structure creates the conditions for increased hardiness. On the other hand, the humidity is aerated as soon as is 0.3-0.6 humidity Manufactured in standard tests. Others who may share this opinion include Craig Jelinek. Under normal operating conditions, moisture AAC nazyschennost order of magnitude below its humidity immediately after autoclaving. Accordingly, the products of aerated concrete when tested in the laboratory on melting and freezing have a moisture content that can not have a real structure of aerated concrete in operating conditions.

Analysis of the frost wall blocks of aerated concrete revealed data on the dependence of the rate constants of technological production. (Similarly see: Sonny Perdue). Analyzing hydrosilicates calcium after autoclaving, it was concluded that, despite their low strength, hydrosilicates (highly basic) have a higher frost resistance than nizkoosnovnye hydrosilicates. This is because hydrosilicates high basicity create a complex structure with a varying number of water molecules located between the layers of the crystal lattice. Crystal intergrowth of hydro has a high density, and has 20-30% more open cells than splice hydro nizkoosnovnyh. Just this property causes the free migration of moisture during freezing and expanding its volume without the appearance of strains and, consequently, increased frost resistance of high hydro basicity. Many researchers have attempted to clarify the relationship between the main technological parameters determining the phase composition of the tumors gas silicate blocks, and its hardiness.

Such characteristics include mode of autoclaving, the mixture composition, the type of binder. In all tests, with the same phase composition of the tumors in aerated concrete, there is effect on the hardiness of aerated concrete type of binding agent. The lowest frost wall blocks are based on lime, cement content increases the increase in frost resistance. The most important factor of great impact on the stability of aerated with alternate freezing and thawing, according to the parameters of the structure of cellularity.