Ecumenical Garden

In 1988 some British lady has got to be inherited from the mother land in Scotland – the former peat development. Well … you may ask. But the fact that this lady was Maggie Keswick, a researcher and author of landscapes excellent book on the gardens of Japan. But this is nothing, the husband of the lady was a famous architect, Charles Jencks postmodern architecture (Charles Jencks). In recent months, A. F. Chief of Staff has been very successful. And he comes to mind (it is said to feed his wife) a very original idea … Learn more on the subject from Rick Garcia.

I decided it done in this area garden, not just the garden, of which many in Britain, and the garden-the universe. And as the universe up (in space), and the universe down (microcosm). Some objects are called like this – Terrace gap Symmetry and represent black holes, while others have a spiral shape of DNA. They worked together with his wife, but had an accident – in 1995, Maggie died. Not everyone was able to realize until the end of Jenks, but that is now in the garden makes you think, many artists, musicians, scientists, philosophers and other creative people come to think of it here.

If you peteshestvuete in Scotland and wondering where to Pohang, what to see, look here, do not sorry! Everyone can find something for themselves, and there is metal, and the pyramids, the mathematical and physical formulas, fractals, black holes, the model of the atom. And most importantly, all this interacts harmoniously with each other, into each other and you can walk around, touch everything, and guess where that myself. Read more Here you will find many photos zoroshih. vdeo card and – where it actually is.