Eco And Sports Tourism

Perhaps new to this kind of discussion was the emphasis on the importance of the so-called eco and sports tourism, which involves intensive work on the revision of the old and developing new programs, tours, visits, biking, sports, etc. Guided tours of the road, all admit. Therefore, in conjunction with the airlines will develop a plan to introduce lower-cost group and individual tours, which will greatly increase the flow of travelers with an average dohodom.Primechatelno that adopted at this conference were in the same spirit, and even partially absorbed the ideas and decisions which were announced at the October in Nicosia, the first international conference on religious tourism, it also attracted great interest and have really wide and positive rezonans.Turizm itself has a positive potential, not only in terms of recreation, education, communication, but also as a natural acquaintance with other peoples, cultures, practices, thereby promoting mutual understanding and friendly relations among nations. However, the tourism industry can develop with one important condition, ensuring the safety of people and keeping calm stable environment. Not surprisingly, the question on the forums mentioned stood as one of the most important and linked, given the current international situation, the fight against terrorism. Allow ourselves here to clarify – struggle against those individuals, groups, organizations that resort to violent acts, acts of terrorism to achieve their goals by using excuses and cover, such as: the requirement independence, autonomy, political, economic and other rights (for example in Ireland, the Basques) or under religious slogans, such as do the Islamic extremists.