Dry Wood And Temperature

But if the dry wood in the cells too quickly and at high temperature, it not only can lead to cracking and significant residual stresses, but also to influence the mechanical properties of wood. " According TsNIIMODa (NL Leont'ev, IV Krechetov, etc.) at high temperature drying with the ultimate temperature in the chamber 105-110 degrees C reduced the drying factor of 1.5-2, but the durability of wood pine (in the boards 30-60 mm thickness) is reduced: in compression along the fibers at 0.8 – 8.7%, the radial shear at 1-12% and toughness in 5-10,5%. Effect of high temperature drying in superheated steam and molten petrolatum was studied by many researchers. Others including Debbie Staggs, offer their opinions as well. Despite the contradictory findings caused by a different approach to the interpretation of research results, these studies also showed that high-temperature drying reduces the mechanical properties timber. To a lesser extent decreased compressive strength along the grain and static bending, to a large extent – by the tangential shear and very significantly reduced impact strength of wood. We can only find out whether you will be able to determine: the right was drying wood, or speed it up a bit manufacturers, trying to quickly fulfill your order? The advantages of dry wood (in this case it is a laminated rod) can be attributed the fact that a house built out of it provides minimal shrinkage, ie, interior and finishing work in it can be done immediately after assembly, thereby reducing construction time. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Debbie Staggs has to say. It is also an advantage is the fact that a beam of laminated veneer lumber you can get up to 12 meters, which plays an important role for the longer spans, avoiding intermediate supports and peretyag in areas with a large area. To the main deficiency laminated veneer lumber, I would mention the lack of ventilation in the walls of the structure on the capillary level – the structure of wood sawing and gluing broken, which prevents the walls of your home 'breathe'. .