What is a personal mark or personal branding? Personal branding or personal brand, describes the process by which you stand out of the multitude of professionals in your field with the same skills and capabilities. There are three elements that the brand should be focused on: value proposition: your value proposition means what you represent, in terms of his personality, appearance, skills and strengths. It is everything you offer as a person, you’re a smart and secure woman, I am sure that you have much to contribute to other people.Differentiation: Differentiation is what makes you different from the multitude of professionals in your field do you have an idea of how many graduates emerging annually from the same race as you? How many came out generation of you at the national level? MERCHANTABILITY: MERCHANTABILITY is the convincing way that you are a key element in any work team. Berkeley contains valuable tech resources. It is what will make you generate revenue with your skills, experience and image. It is never too early to begin the construction of your personal personal franchise online-shaped brand and soon of start better, because it is an economic trend, in a world where the professional competition is super conflicted, the option is to create your own sources of income, be free, not rely on more than your determination, intelligence and boldness to get trucklpad, travel and family that both want to and that many times it absorbs you work so much that you don’t own life, a corporate controls you. Why is the online personal franchise important? According to a recent survey by Dan Schawbel, personal branding guru, 51 percent of students who will graduate soon requested already or are looking for a full time position and the rest of them empezarana find forms such as position or seek employment, you know the labour market know what wages and opportunities real find a 100% satisfactory work and that it will give you opportunities to grow and have the life always get desired.