David Booth Power Richards

On Thursday, the nhl took power reception against James and Brent Seabrook disqualified lawyer Anaheim Mighty Ducks in eight games, and this case is not the last this year. Let us examine some of the incidents of this season for the many intricate fans of hockey and try to find out what will or will not apply the new rule (if adopted). The official wording of the new rule is as follows: "Prohibited: blows to the side, back or body checking, aimed at an opponent, it's not a seer, with the aim – the head or the brunt falls on the head. Result of a breach of this rule will be small or large fine, will also consider possible additional disciplinary sanctions. " October 23: Tuomo Ruut vs. Darcy Tucker Ruut got a great five-minute penalty for a push board and a ten-minute Misconduct Penalty.

nhl also disqualified him for three games for an incident in which Ruut Tucker drove his head in a protective glass pneumatic bumper. Power reception was held back. It was a dirty push aboard, and the current set of rules is quite applies to this case. October 24: Mike Richards vs David Booth Power Richards was assessed a five minute penalty for a big block and ten-minute disciplinary fines, the nhl did not take any additional action after reviewing the game of the moment. Richards hit a shoulder and tore his leg from the ice. Under current rules, it's legal. Under the new proposed rules, the power reception is valued as a blow not seeing an opponent, and Richards would be facing as a gaming shtafom and with disqualification.