Counteranalysis Confirms

It is confirmed is the source of the outbreak on a farm in Lower Saxony. It supplied its products to restaurants and German supermarkets. A succession of hygiene failures can lead to variant of the bacterium e. coli. The Lower Saxony consumer protection office attributed the outbreak to bad luck. The counter-analysis performed with germinated seed from a suspect farm in the Northwest of Germany have confirmed that they are the origin of the aggressive O104 variant of the bacterium e.

coli, which has caused more than 30 deaths in this country and one in Sweden. A spokesman of the German Ministry of agriculture and consumer Dnsa announced that the Federal Institute for risk assessment has determined that this dangerous strain of bacteria was in a game of sprouts from a company of Lower Saxony. It’s a biological farm in the town of Bienenbuttel, in the District of Uelzen, in which several employees contracted the disease several weeks ago, and which supplied its products to several restaurants, whose clients are recorded a high number of patients, as well as supermarkets. Ministerial spokesperson noted that the counter-analysis of the Federal Institute for risk assessment confirm those made previously by health authorities in the State of North Rhine Westphalia, which on Friday tracked down the source of infection. The results of laboratories are an important piece in the chain of evidence to determine that raw sprouts are the fundamental source of the infections of e. coli in recent weeks, noted the Ministry. The seeds germinated in the form of outbreaks that were positive were found in the region of Bonn, to the West of the country, in the trash of a family in which two members became ill after eating the vegetable. Since the first cases were recorded in early may, infection has affected more than 2,800 people, of which 32 have died and more than 700 have suffered dangerous hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which can lead to damage in Germany renal and cerebral irreparable.

German health authorities also warned that the threat of the lethal variant of the bacterium e. coli persists despite the focus of the infection have been located on the farm in Lower Saxony. Although suspicions of the Robert Koch Institute about the origin of the pathogen have been confirmed, persists the danger of infection by physical contact, said a spokesman of the Ministry of Social Affairs of the central State of Hesse. Failures of hygiene in the food chain can lead to new outbreaks of the dangerous O104 variant of the bacterium e. coli, warned from the Ministry, he made an appeal to the prevention and the maintenance of hygiene standards. Bad luck, the origin of the outbreak for Lower Saxony Office of protection of the consumer of Lower Saxony believes that exploitation of the same region focus of infection of e. coli has had bad luck, and ruled out sanctions and lawsuits against their perpetrators because they complied with all the regulations in force for their crops of seeds sprouts. So far all the research shows that farm is impeccable. It is hygienic and complies with all regulations, said the spokesman for the Office, Gert Hahne. You look where you look at it, there is no any failure of farm or legal basis to hold accountable them, noted Hahne in a telephone statement. You can not punish someone for having bad luck, he said. Source of the news: the counter-analysis confirms that the bacterium e. coli originated in germinated seeds of Germany