Cooking Turkey

In many countries of the world eat Turkey at Christmas is a tradition, and there is an enormous amount of recipes.However, it’s a meal that not cooked very often why it is useful to bear in mind some advice: clean the Turkey before you prepare it. Remove excess of grease, feathers, etc. Being a large piece (a Turkey weighs at least 4 or 5 kg), we must Cook very slowly. Source: Costco. If not, run the risk of that is take and this it would ruin the dish. Remember that parts of Turkey are similar to the chicken (see parts of the chicken) but obviously of greater size. If you prepare Stuffed Turkey, take care not filling up to the stop. During cooking the filling can expand and out or damage meat. It is better to leave a little space.

In addition to sprinkle the Turkey with the sauce on the outside, is it can inject and thus avoid the meat is dry. A good option is to inject it with cognac, which give a particular flavor. To avoid that the breast is dry there are various options: inject it with an alcoholic beverage or any light sauce support some slices of pancetta and sustain them with foil aluminium Marinate Turkey in milk a few hours before cooking drizzle with sauce or your own juice during cooking and remember that it can serve both as hot cold. Source: Recipes and techniques original author and source of the article.