Company Concentration

It is advisable to study the club right within the enterprise concentration to make approaches by branches of the right involved or related to the same. In such sense we will study the Peruvian club legislation, to which slo considers some subjects or institutions as they are fusin, split, partnership and association in participation. In such sense they are outside the same other cases as they are joint venture, groups of companies, poster and pool. Thus we can affirm that the known subject as enterprise concentration exceeds the field of study of the Peruvian club legislation, in such sense to include/understand them or to study them we must resort to other branches of the right as they are the right of the company or right of the company or enterprise right.

That is to say, the club legislation it leaves to the margin several assumptions of enterprise concentration, which in any case are studied by the foreign doctrine not slo national but tambin. 4. LOST ENTERPRISE CONCENTRATION WITH OF LEGAL PERSONALITY the prdida enterprise concentration with of jurdica personality is fusin when the absorbed society runs enrolled in registries public, and the same can be of two types classes that are the following: fusin by constitution or creation and fusin by absorption. These two supposed are regulated by the law general of 1997 societies Peruvian. He denominates himself to this supposed concentration with prdida of jurdica personality because at least a company loses its jurdica personality and in any case we are talking about to companies with jurdica personality, sure est that is applied not slo to these companies but to all type of companies, consequently is applied tambin to companies that do not have jurdica personality, like for example the companies nonenrolled in pblicos registries since the inscription grants the quality of jurdica person..