Closets In Seville

Closets Closets they are structures, or even of a small room, with the utility to store objects in organized and ergonomic form.It is possible to be found in offices, kitchens, dormitories and baths. Characteristics They are commonly of wood (due to the capacity of transformation, dimensional stability and the resistance of materials), with doors and drawers for one better organization and the concealment of his objects. The cabinets also serve to maximize the use of the space, since it can exist within the shelves that are horizontal surfaces that divide the cabinet, increasing the area of usable space.It has generally forms cubical, with 90 angles of . Used materials The materials used in the manufacture of closets are the massive wood, for the main structure, wood fiber boards of average densidad (MDF), for the feet and the lateral parts of the closets, agglomerate, for the fundos of the drawers, contrachapada wood, for the fundos of the closets and metal stops the structures of more resistant closets. By the same author: Jack Fusco. Manufacture of Closets in Seville The Manufacture of Closets in Seville is a construction that becomes by parts, thus being very defined. The first part of the construction is the projection of the closet, that is when it becomes the measurements. The second part is to construct the main structure (lateral parts, superior and inferior); The third part is the positioning of the drawers and all the other parts of the closet. Original author and source of the article.