Very often, revision or change of skin salon goes "hand in hand with the installation in a serious car for the price and quality sound system. It is at this stage, improves sound insulation, laid audioprovoda on the best brand for this car circuits, and the upholstery itself is in an appropriate style of one of the most important and visible elements of the interior – Seats. Tuning car seats – the theme is practically inexhaustible, because they are the object of embodiments of different designs and ideas not only in terms of design but also technical features. And if the cheapest option of tuning the seats, so for example, sewing them stylish covers, seat themselves did not change, then here "" seats to gain support zones and change their upholstery may have significantly changed not only the external appearance, but also cause the need for constructive change – from outfitting their various systems such as massage or heat, and ending with changes elements of the power seats. When tuning car seats best popular replacement for standard leather upholstery, often complex cut, with color inserts, and other intricate attributes. Despite the fact that the skin is practical material for automobile seats, it is necessary understand that care and it requires no less, and even more than the usual upholstery, and this care, this should be thorough and regular. Also popular contemporary decoration materials, is completely artificial, but the sight and touch reminiscent of the skin, but significantly more resistant to wear. This material is Alcantara.

This material is reminiscent of suede, but it does not fade in the sun, is very durable and resistant not only to wear, but also to chemical agents. Alcantara is used and reputable car manufacturers for their cars. Importantly, this material is suitable for covering almost the entire cabin cars, including racks, ceiling and even a torpedo. And the availability of the widest range of colors allows the interior trim in various shades, including even the most trendy. Also a strong effect is achieved by installing new seats from specialized firms, such as by Recaro.

This independent, complete constructive and what is important – certified products. This method is used eminent Classifieds during tuning or customization of their cars. These seats (usually a sports-type) have even another belt system, both at the front and rear. Of course, this is one of the most expensive options for tuning the seats – but it is the safest and most reliable, and the range of models allows you to select seats optimal for any variant of interior and design. Very effective element of tuning salon space is also the lighting. Yes, it is clear – regular light bulbs, with their characteristic yellow light for many "stuffed on edge "and are not attractive. In this case, your application finds a diode and neon lights. There are lots of components for the light of the interior design – from the simple neon or diode lamps (for illumination of the space under the seats and overhead lighting) to complex kits that can make electronically controlled play of light in different shades, which, combined with the overall interior color scheme looks extremely impressive and "expensive". All of this shows that the most interesting and stylish interior tuning a car can be made only by modifying the complex all the basic elements of interior. This is a difficult and specific work that requires the participation is often not a single person, and specialists in various fields. But this approach will make the car really memorable, the most convenient and spectacular.