China Economy

Quite the opposite, China thought about itself and has untied the debate. He is correct that economies like the one of China, do not assume their international protagonism? The Chinese government before the impact of the crisis on his economy, was concentrated in its internal market by means of an intense policy of stimulus, destining thousands of million dollars. At the same time, its trade balance saw beneficiary by a strong fall in the imports, to a large extent explained by the collapse of the prices of the commodities, whereas the fall in its exports was of smaller magnitude. Conclusion: in spite of the strong global crisis, the Chinese economy maintains a strong surplus commercial that, according to esteem ING. Group, could reach to US$ 325. 000 million in the present year. While the United States to him continues protesting China that lets appreciate its currency, they yuan has practically stayed invariant in which it goes of the year, and its value in relation to the month of May of 2008 was appraised less than in a 2%. The exchange policy is today more than ever, part of the plan anticrisis of the Chinese government.

China has reasonable reasons to avoid the appreciation of yuan and is that it must obtain that its economy maintains a floor of growth of 8%, an objective for which, it needs to take care of its internal demand and to maintain the external one hard. A growth level inferior to 8% puts in danger to the Chinese economic model since it makes difficult his sustainability by the effect that can generate on the rate of leisure. It is not possible to be forgotten that in the Eastern economy a process of urbanization of the rural population exists that needs generation a great volume of jobs. On the contrary, place to not wished social overflowings could occur.