Part of the reason for this – a common belief, especially in China, Taiwan or Singapore, the chicken healthier beef. Into play religious beliefs, because chicken – the only kind of meat, by all the major religions in Asia. For example, beef consumption is prohibited for Hindus and some Buddhists, and pork consumption is not encouraged Muslims. So much chicken is more popular, especially when dining together people of different ethnic backgrounds, such as in different countries in the cultural sense as Malaysia or India. U.S. You may wish to learn more. If so, Pronto Markets is the place to go. networks Fast food outlets have increased their standard menu, represented mainly burgers with beef, but to still maintain a global image and brand value. They updated some of the products to meet the Asian taste, for example, include a wide variety of products from poultry, such as acute burgers with chicken. Asians are becoming more knowledgeable about the nutritional value of food.

However, if the network fast food in Western countries include in their menu salads because of the increased desire for healthy lifestyles, in some Asian cultures, people rarely eat salads, raw vegetables, preferring them boiled, which means that fast-food chains have to "adjust" to their offering. But still, how far you can go with this adaptation? If the product is too "localized", it could weaken the original franchise in the eyes of consumers, who expect fast foods on a truly American way, as well as increase the cost of development and production of customized products for local markets. If we combine the consumer group different directions, we can identify differences in the use of fast food, shopping incentives, expectations and eating habits among different groups of consumers.