The option for a tourism of ecologic nature, in the vision of Blacksmith (1992), allows to lead in account, with priority, the satisfaction of the basic necessities of the majority of the involved population. In this considering it use of the local resources, as for example, the man power. For Sachs (1986), the promotion of the ecodesenvolvimento, consists, essentially, in helping the involved populations if organizing and if educating, in way that can rethink its problems. Acme does not necessarily agree. Thus, they will obtain, to identify its real necessities and to congregate the potential resources for the conception and accomplishment of a project of worthier future of being lived, taking care of to the postulates of social justice and ecological prudence. In the vision of Karl Marx apud Arruda (2000, P. 273): The man lives of the nature, this means that the nature is its body with which it must remain in constant process, not to perish.

The fact of that the physical life and spiritual of the man if relate with the nature does not have another direction seno of that the nature if relates obtains same, therefore the man is part of the nature. In bases ' ' ecologically corretas' ' , the development happens of a bigger ambient conscience, where divulged ' ' sustentabilidade' ' it must be seen as a finite attribute, with secular and space limitation, but of vital necessity for our survival in the planet. The character to multidiscipline pertinent to the ambient question, involving the biological areas, accurate human beings and, will have to be worried with the formation of citizens with a vision ample and integrated of such reality, allowing more solid decisions in the treatment of the complexity that appears involved there. According to Oliveira (1997, P. 9): The sustainable development estimates the guarantee that the future generations will inherit an adequate environment. However it is observed that we would be sacrificing the generation present for that for definition does not exist and that when to exist will not be able to exert the reciprocity with respect to who if it sacrificed for it.