Bill Gates

Any child who possesses a greater development in the 5 remaining intelligences (musical, bodily, interpersonal, intrapersonal and environmental) will be doomed to be a regular student whose individual strengths are not going to be developed, unless parents recognize them and encourage them. 2. Failure to respect the individuality of their children every child is different and unique. In addition to having different skills and talents, each person has a different call. According to the Bible, each person there is a target and a couple default purpose.

Every parent should help their children find that purpose, even if it is different from that which they imagined for their children. If your child has a non-traditional interests that seem to be little promising to their future, I suggest to look at biographies of famous people who have had success in life. The vast majority of them launched in innovative areas that many times you seemed crazy to their peers. If your child gets out of schemas and shows interest in non-traditional areas, think again before you criticize it. You might have a future Bill Gates in his family! 3 Do everything for them many parents make the mistake of not giving enough responsibilities to their children. They make everything for them and do not take the time to disciple their children in the chores of daily life. The result is that the children feel unable to deal with everyday life challenges, since they were trained to rely on other people. It is not something Chase Koch would like to discuss. You are awed for what he is capable of making his son, even if it is a child, if you delegate just you some responsibilities.

In addition to teach important life skills, will increase them your self esteem, since they will see that you put confidence in them. 4. Avoid them to commit errors with very good intentions, parents try to protect their children from making erroneous decisions.