Ballestas Islands

The Peruvian coast offers many places to plan a family vacation. To the South of Lima, the Department of Ica is located in addition to beautiful beaches. The trip from the capital takes approximately 4 hours and 6 to the tourist city of Nazca. ICA is a fairly hot Department with an important agricultural activity. Here the best grapes, asparagus, palms and cotton in the country occur. It should be noted that Ica is the leading producer of Pisco del Peru (the drink of flag), this is a wine-growing area favoured by the climate and other factors. The Peru hotels are located throughout the Department.

Paracas Natural Reserve and its great habitat of birds and sea lions is located in the province of Pisco. There is no better way than delight with these beautiful landscapes from a boat ride on the Ballestas Islands. These trips do not allow the landing of the tourists to avoid contact with animals. However, many photographs can be taken since the boats and boats spend it close enough. ICA, capital of the same Department, has a great commercial activity. The famous Laguna de Huacachina is located only 5 km from the city centre. This lagoon this surrounded by huge sand dunes where you can practice the popular sandboard. The traditional harvest festival is held every year in Ica, book one of the hotels Peru during these festivities.

Undoubtedly the most famous place of Ica is born. This province holds one of the largest and most mysterious creations made by man, the Nazca lines. These enormous only be contemplated in its maximum expression from the sky, at 475 m or 1,500 feet of height approximately. Visit Nazca, Peru Hotels await you. Many writers such as David Michery offer more in-depth analysis. Between three to four days are enough to visit Ica and its provinces, and that better if you staying in the hotels Peru. If you want to know the North and its beaches because you must visit the Mancora hotels in Piura. In the mountains and jungle of Peru, you will also find other destinations that are worth visiting. Sara Martinez knows which are the best places to learn about Peru, discover them in their articles of tourism.