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First Meeting Impressions

How to understand the essence of the person immediately at the first meeting with him – as a potential client, employer, business partner. This you can do this in two ways: Folk wisdom says that people meet on clothes, and escorted by the mind. The first method is based directly on your ear and the visual impression when you first approach the person. An enormous role to play in the first impression, so to speak, physical human contact – a handshake and a variant of the welcome embrace. And in fact, and if you can do smoi findings as well as directly to feel relevant to you.

This will give you a clue about this man, and give to understand the other person. Can give you an example: Suppose you are human, that is, is the first contact, and you're looking at him (her) mind to host a one of the images of animal – a tiger, sheep, rabbit, etc. These unconscious images that surfaced speculation, are important because they give a hint to you that people may have certain personality traits possessed by the animal in the imagination of people. Tiger – it's power, aggression, mind. Lamb – soft, phlegm and obstinacy, and the hare – a coward. If you practice this method, then soon enough you'll notice that you start being produced by sensitivity to other people. It is very desirable to have a little notebook in his record-keeping of his observations about people around you. This kind of writing is desirable to do in a relaxed and intimate setting, so that no one bothered to remember and easy to analyze their impressions.

When you learn more about the person, or hear about it from others, compare your first impressions of what you learned later. You will find that your observations are accurate, and you will improve your powers of observation on with practice. There are three types of first impressions that need attention: 1. the first time you see a person 2. you meet with a man 3. the first time you touch a person in a handshake. This method, very probably help quite accurately navigate the relationships between people, properly understood what was going on, and simply better understand their surroundings.

Daniel Rosario Lagares

Remember that it is the citizen who inhabits the public and we have never seen a pedestrian walking calculate densities.The achievement of general themes of sustainability in which sinergien him human, economic and environmental issues should be the norm. While this is happening, and to not expect too much, some professionals have implemented a unique urban planning approach. An approach that although limited hits to the attainment of these axes raised.The commitment to these unique urbanisms is the option that remains for us to change our philosophy of Miss create an ideal city, a city Brasilia. These small details have triggered excellent projects, details such as: the Elimination of real limits to the pedestrian (Gates), screening of the urban scale, empowerment and exploitation of the natural elements present, denial of significant negative impacts, identity, etc. Finally the opening of the city to citizens as a priority.Our reality is that we are not the first Latin American power and our city is made casings heart – as said a good friend-, a city in which planning is made from day to day.We must adapt ourselves as Darwin described it, or be satisfied with pretending that we do it well and extinguish the original road Eng. Daniel Rosario Lagares author and source of the article

Economic Commission

On one occasion the Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL) and the Regional Office of UNESCO for Latin America and the Caribbean said through published documents, something that we must not forget, as it is the importance of education in the context of productivity and the needs of economic growth in the region, as a condition for reconciling the goals of social equity with international integrationin situations of democracy resumed. The truth, that the institutes, schools and since then the universities and graduate programs Areas, cannot passed by unnoticed in their educational programmes the reality of the current scenarios that require best demands international and national, best products, efficiency of services, more information, more participation, all this given the progressive globalization opening, the conquest of new markets, technological revolution, organizational culture, competitiveness based on technical progress, horizontal use of the technologies of information, social networks, reducing the technological cycle and tendency to protectionism in this field, erosion, comparative of the cheap labor and natural resourcesall this in the context of a growing recognition of the need for environmental sustainability and efforts to neutralize the negative effects of technological development. It is required according to the published report, a review of the educational development in the region and since then in every country, on the basis of recognizing the need to link to the training of human resources and economic growth needs, today, consider the contribution of endogenous factors as a function of the level of investment in human capital, since they are the people with their behaviors and their level of knowledge those who affect the production process – aspect that we have stressed much in other opportunities in other writings and in the same chairs, as well as in the consultants we teach-. There are models that emphasize capital human in all its aspects and others, which make it particularly on the relevance and importance of the level of development of scientific and technological research which we must recognize have neglected, precisely with input from the Areas of postgraduate courses and even our faculties that is very poor, by the low priority, attention in this regard.

Sustainable Enterprise

In to order you break paradigms marketing and promoting innovation a strategy is necessary you have the political conscience, economic and social necessity of harmonizing the marketing problems of the would criteria governing the principles of sustainability by making uses of to their to greater ability, appearance literacy, you support it lives conscious and democratic. To designer, an instrument of communication, must always reflect the impacts of to their actions, to their social rolls in to order you promote an awareness of business, and society, about the sustainability and quality of life. Keywords: Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Sustainable Design, Sustainable Enterprise. Graphical Design and Social Responsibility: Strategical vision for Enterprise Support and Ambient Introduction Is very said on this recent profession in Brazil, design graphical, but what it means to be to designer? Which implications and responsibilities in its area of performance and the society as a whole? For such it is necessary to understand that not yet it has a definitive consensus on its definitions, however Niemeyer (2007, p.23) explana that has three basic forms in which we can fit design: as being an artistic activity, where if it becomes pertinent the aesthetic valuation of its creation; acting as technologist integrated to the processes and stages of manufacture, projects and technological innovations; finally assumeing the role of manager, where it will go to co-ordinate and to interact of form to interdisciplinar everything that to say respect to the project, since used natural resources until consequent destination of the finished products. Niemeyer (2007, p.14) still affirms of the fragility in which designer if presents front to the interests corporative politicians and in view of its lack of partner-ambient conscience as well as ethics in the profession. When we speak in such conscience, sends to think it to us about social responsibility, even so its conceptualization is still diffuse and with distinct interpretations.


“The cars generate most pollution On the one hand, I have heard that many people, including the authorities say that up to 80 of all air pollution in a city is caused by emissions from cars burning petrol (gas or diesel) in their engines. This is definitely false, especially if this argument is used to reassure the industrial unit on its share of responsibility. A good depth analysis would not give very different information, not only in terms of proportions, if not the severity of different types of contaminants and toxicity. What pollutants generated by cars Lead emissions were usually high and hurt many people, especially children. Fortunately, I keep adding to gasoline and significantly lower its environmental presence. The low sulfur dioxide at the expense of reducing the sulfur content of gasoline faces, through variations in the procedure refinaci n.Sin But this process has a high monetary and environmental consists, so only remove the pollution from one place to place it in another. Carbon dioxide is a natural component of air, but its excess is primarily responsible for global warming. Nitrogen oxides, highly polluting, were significantly reduced with catalytic converters, to dissociate into nitrogen and oxygen, which are natural components of air.Any attempt to improve the quality of fuel or reduce emissions with catalytic converter, resulting in turn increases the cost and environmental pollution, to the extent that we generally only reduce emissions in the streets and roads to increase further but in the total cycle of the transport system and its suppliers. The natural or LP gas can be used emergently in some cases and you should now be using more because they pollute less, but do not solve the problem of environmental pollution and the sustainability of fossil fuel-based system.

Ramon Gallegos Nava

The end of the 20th century left us a great lesson: knowledge in modernity is characterized by its fragmented nature, his separation of the subjective context, of the interior, the absence of the spiritual basis of self-knowledge. This type of knowledge is irrelevant to a formative education of a conscience holistic. Knowledge led us in another direction, we build a predatory society of life and human beings, with great development material and technological but impoverished morally and spiritually. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava points out that the holistic education does not reject the educational objectives to increase the cognitive abilities of the students, but points out that all these objectives are peripherals to form a new awareness that will allow us to give a new evolutionary step as humanity, and that none of them or all together define a genuine comprehensive education for lifeall are desirable but they are insufficient to form beings humans with an internal order, with capacity to live together responsibly in a sustainable society.

All these educational objectives are necessary but not sufficient for responsibility and kindness, elements this is so by a very simple fact: knowledge does not make us better people. Virtually all educational systems are based on the assumption that education is that is best student more and have better knowledge, but this does not generate sense of life, helps us be more efficient but not more responsible, it allows us to know but not transform, gives us information but not wisdom. In holistic education knowledge is articulated in the context of a large coherent educational picture, that allows to have an education based on the integration of knowledge, not only in the context of the disciplines. In this way, education no longer reduced to a low instrumental training the lens partially physical sciences or, in the worst cases, of scientism, but that education is integrated into the context of the human knowledge under a plurality of perspectives that allow us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the kosmos.


At a time that all the young of sixteen years were if amusing and living the life, Clarissa was burning its beautiful eyelashes. Clarissa was born lindssima and was the child most adorable of its family. In the college it collected louvor plates. It was always studying and in the vacations if it enfurnava in the library of its house of beach or the city. Pretty young woman and with intellectual air, physically looked like itself its mother and its temperament was of its father with who if it identified. Always discrete, he was avessa the badalaes. Its world was the world business-oriented of its father. He was chic without affectation.

It passed in first place in the vestibular contest to the sixteen years and concluded the course with louvor to twenty and one years and was to work with its father while it made its after doutorada graduation and. Its ability was admired for all the shareholders of the company. Its goal, the direction of the company, what it did not hide of nobody. It passed for all the departments, was stubborn. It did not have social life, only serious work. Competentssima arrived very early where it ambicionava and was for ability and not because she was son of the president. Clarissa skirt of its house not to go to work.

It and its father used the helicopter of the firm, was faster safe e. Clarissa was born woman business-oriented, all the shareholders respected its ability and its fast reasoning. As much that one of the directors suggested the name of Clarissa to occupy new folder. The father of Clarissa relutou to put it declared that its new folder was its bigger challenge. The concern of its father was the way as it would be received to occupy a so important position and the fact of being so young woman.

Sustainable Tourism

As we all know, tourism is an inexhaustible source of revenue, which has been more than demonstrated by tourist powers clamped together as Spain, USA or France. But as all human activity associated with an impact on the environment, so you need to know how to develop this magnificent activity responsibly. In this regard Costa Rica is trying to develop a friendly tourist industry to the environment, or in other words to achieve sustainable development. It is important to clarify that sustainable development or measures taken for tourism development under this scheme, aimed mitigating environmental impact, since as mentioned above all human activity carries an impact. Of vital importance in this matter has been the role of the ICT (Costa Rican Institute of tourism) which has established a programme of certification for sustainable tourism or CST, which consists of categorisation and certification of tourism companies according to the degree in which its operation is approaching to a model of sustainability. For this are assessed four key areas: 1. environment physicist-Biologicoevalua interaction between the company and the surrounding natural environment, involving the implementation of policies and programmes for sustainability, protection of the environment, among others.

2 Service facility (this area corresponds to lodging establishments) are evaluated aspects related to systems and internal processes of the company, in terms of waste management and the use of technologies for electricity and water saving. 2. Service management (this area corresponds to agencies Tour operators) comprises the process through which the company considering all exogenous and endogenous elements, designed a tourist product in line with the market trends and characteristics of the country and the localities where goes to market the product. 3 ClienteSe evaluating the actions carried out management to invite the customer to participate in the implementation of sustainability policies of the company. 4 Environment Socioeconomicose evaluates the identification and interaction of the establishment with the adjacent, analyzing such communities, the degree in which tourism enterprises respond to the growth and development of the region through employment generation or the achievement of benefits for the community.

USTDA Supports Growth

The Forum will bring together legislators and sponsors of projects in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, the West Bank and Yemen with finance and technology options based on USA to help meet the growing needs of the region. The Forum, organized by the USTDA, in collaboration with the U.S. commercial service.UU. and the Department of State of United States.UU., will promote strategic partnerships and trade between the Middle East and North Africa region and the U.S.

energy sector long-term. USTDA is pleased to promote the efforts for the development of clean and renewable energy resources in the energy sector in the Middle East and North Africa as the basis for economic growth, said Leocadia I. Zak, acting Director of the USTDA. We look forward to unite key stakeholders from the energy sector and the region and United States technology providers to facilitate an ongoing collaboration. While these opportunities are good for the environment also create jobs and drive growth and development, said Zak. The agenda of the two-day Conference and a half will focus on the development of the sector, policy issues and financing options, as well as opportunities for projects in areas such as power combined cycle fueled by gas, cogeneration, solar, wind, hydropower, biomass, desalination integrated / energy, rural electrification, transmission and distribution, smart grid and regional interconnections updates.

To register for MENA POWER 2010: A forum for projects and technology in the Middle East and North Africa, please visit the web site of the Forum at. For further information please contact Ms. Pamela Peseux, MFM Trade Meetings, Washington, DC to the + 1.202.347.2725 or + 1.866.636.4729, Email: MFM Trade Meetings is the Manager of international conferences selected by the United States Agency for development and trade for the management of logistics, marketing and research projects for the Forum. United States trade and Development Agency: the United States Agency for trade and development (USTDA, by its acronym in English) promotes economic development and of United States commercial interests in developing and middle-income developing countries. The Agency funds various forms of assistance technical, feasibility studies, training, orientation visits and workshops for businesses that support the development of a modern infrastructure and a fair and open trading environment. The strategic use of the USTDA of foreign assistance funds to support the policies of investment and solid decision-making in host countries creates an atmosphere, suitable for trade, investment and sustainable economic development. The USTDA in their eagerness to fulfil its mission, puts emphasis on the economic sectors that may benefit from U.S. exports of goods and services.

Stadium Change

Here that the crisis is of the human being, of his thinking, from his consciousness. (Santillan 1996: 12) Therefore, mankind is experiencing this crisis in values, in which his conscience is fragmented and loss within the meaning of that is left to carry by external things and not from inside. It can be said that little reflection about what men really want and need to be happy, values have appreciated very relative way, human sense has been losing and the subjects are not seen as such, but as reproductive and competitive forces in a globalized world that increasingly demands more tecnologismo and science in the actions being undertaken, leaving aside the human part, this already not is taken in many cases into account, since for the governmental, political, educational authorities, entrepreneurs, the subjects they are product of processes established by them and the important thing is what is policies that establish. In such a situation it is necessary a change of consciousness in which the man acted and relates to others, aware of the impact of their words, their actions that should always be directed towards the good of what is your environment in which lives and coexists. This holistic education is the opportunity to start with this change in education that may lead to the evolution of consciousness both the student and the trainer or teacher who works in public and private schools. Gallegos Nava does mention you need a paradigm shift in education, since we are in a change of era, in a change of consciousness which implies the presence of a crisis, which must be overcome over time if we want to live in a better world, with spiritual beings living a human experience as the author points out. (2008: 17) This holistic education your objective is to be the conduit for the evolution of the conscience of mankind, since a characteristic of modern and postmodern cultures egocentrico-existencial Stadium to a conscious spiritual holistic own a sustainable transmodern culture, moving from a fragmented to an awareness of entirety, ir information to the wisdom of human values as ideals of the nature of being, of egocentric identity to the spiritual.