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Working with Leaders

At the beginning of the meeting takes the pupils to reflect that the necessary leader to perceive the leadership, that is, must make possible the growth of its group. The leader serves the group, and contrary it and does not put the group looking at for its objectives and if she places in a position to help them to carry through it its goals. The true one to be able comes of the capacity of living its vocation to help the others to grow. The remaining portion is control and position. It is anguish.

It is as a country wanting to dominate the other. It goes to have whenever to increase the pressure, and, when to linger itself, the other is become free. I grow to the measure that I help the people to grow. I am estagnado to the measure that my group is estagnada. The first step somebody to help the others to grow is to revise its concept of being able.

To reflect on as it exerts its power. The detainer of the power manipulates its dependents for the fear. The relations do not flow. It always has a foot behind. The acceptance of a leadership is a feeling that appears spontaneously. The led one needs to be conquered to respect the leader integrally, as its commander and as human being. This is the secret of the real power. Who does not have the capacity to conquer led its, finishes using the force it position to impose and to be obeyed. People influenced for a truth leader act for the collective, of the group.

Ubin Singapore

But children of all ages without any problems you get here the latest electronic toys and all sorts of gadgets. But, in the pursuit of technical innovations, do not forget that no less will please them and authentic silk kite, which can be run in air with friends. Yes, and your friends are much more solid age will certainly be long remembered with gratitude you will receive a gift of such a greeting from his childhood, which, everything else can be used as the original wall decoration. But let us continue our journey. In pursuit of things technical, fashionable and expensive, do not forget about the gifts, let's say, creative, decorating our daily lives. For example, a set of exotic spices, can any mediocre dish turned into a gourmet delight. Your older relatives (as well as the young lovers of good cuisine) will tell you "thank you" for this show.

And he had brought from Singapore Chinese dominoes – Mahjong, incredibly popular in this modern Babylon – will be excellent entertainment for any of those who are indifferent to logic games, and solitaire. Note also that it is packed in its original box, the style of old, who are happy holder can be used not only for the storage attributes of the game. What next? It is necessary to continue using the mixture of eastern culture that prevails in Singapore, and bring out the beloved head (test in-law, father, etc.) products from china, famous for their finesse and elegance. From a cup of any tea seem tastier, and only when we received your gift lucky kapnet it a little bit of Singapore as balm – Alcohol product alcoholized him as a "living creatures – insects or reptiles, it will become a truly magical properties. By the way, the miraculous effects on health: be sure to buy a present for your colleagues and friends Brindle balm which not only has the warming properties, but also saves you from colds, relieves headaches and muscle pain. Of course, do not forget to buy souvenirs that are unique to Singapore: graceful landscapes of the island, made watercolor on silk, glass bottles, vases and bowls, painted in a special way – from the inside – exotic flowers and animals, a fan of sandalwood and black bamboo and incredible pictures of the stone. Manufacture them on a special technology to the Singapore factory, stone, and buy these interior decoration can only be on-site production: they are unique – these do not make anywhere else in the world.

These products can win heart who will get them from you as a gift, and become its rightful pride. Well, buying gifts – a pleasant process, during which time you mentally imagine the reaction, for whom she purchased or any other thing. But it's much nicer to see firsthand the correct choice made when he saw a radiant happy person received a present. Admiring your gift, listening to stories about the beauty and attractiveness of Singapore and adjacent islands – such as Sentosa, famous for spectacular oceanarium and amusement park, or Ubin with its luxuriant vegetation and granite quarry – they'll want to follow your example and visit Singapore – Lion City, a city of four languages and eight religions, multifaceted marvel, fairy-tale reality

Dealing with Debt

Many times inside of the forest are not obtained to see all the trees that surround a person. This phrase can be applied the situation of a person who if became indebted. The debt is the entire forest and each one of the commitments is each one of the trees. In these situations and imagining that you if lost in the forest, optimum it is to stop to spend its energy being tried to find the way. To leave itself the forest when if he is lost she is necessary a strategy.

The strategy is very simple. It looks at the entire forest of the point higher than it will be able and it starts to understand which the trees that they surround to it. The way, thus, will be discovered. It looks at its debts in panoramic way to perceive each tree and the ways between them. First, it is necessary to understand which the expenditures that are important for the personal sustenance and of the family. The commitments are these that must be focados and be honored. They are for the order the expenditures with feeding inside of house, housing, health, education and transport.

It organizes a budget that you allow to cover these basic expenditures. He does not consider eventual extraordinary profits as 13 wage, sales of vacation, programs of profit sharing and restitution of the income tax in this budget. He relates each expense. When making this uses to advantage to cut to all the unnecessary expenditures as periodical signatures, magazines, signature of TV the handle, cellular telephone, exits of week end, academy etc. These cuts donate, but they are absolutely necessary. They are true thin for where its money runs. Exemplificando a TV signature the handle that costs R$ 100,00 to the month will only represent to the end of one year R$ 1,200 the same adds value of an academy monthly fee and at the end of the year you will have saved R$ 2.400.

The Third

Even if you hire an expensive and demanding (by local standards) employees, you should have considerable experience in construction and iron nerves to successfully bring the building up to the end. Most people who undertake a self-construction, advocate for top quality, high speed construction and low cost. Keep in mind that if you're lucky, in Bali, you will achieve two of these three objectives. In general, the choice is yours. The third option is to purchase land with a contract to build a company that has experience in construction in Indonesia.

This is a more expensive way, but at the same time, and more calm: you will be relieved of the problems during construction, your home will be engaged in foreign (not Indonesian) specialists who understand what you are saying. The real estate market in Bali to give you some idea of the growth in real estate prices in Bali, we give some figures: a few years ago, luxury villas with gardens and pool sold for us $ 400.000. Now the price has increased to two million and above. The cost is more than 50% lower than the houses of this level in other tropical regions, such as Phuket, which is expensive in terms of price and climate (longer rainy season) is less attractive. One of the hidden pitfalls finished villas in Bali, a big drop in the price: for sale are expensive and the houses are cheaper. In appearance you will not notice any difference, but you should be taken seriously to buy cheap houses.

Popular Mechanics

But if you could not guess – choose the dictionaries and encyclopedias on general subjects. The main thing is do not take anything too much for children and very popular – experts, usually theoretically savvy people, and all sorts of charlatans see through. If the expert – a real bookworm and an incurable bibliophile, and you are very low on money, you can give him an e-book. With this newfangled device it will save a lot of space in the apartment, as well as a lot of money in his own pocket. After all, the book in electronic format fb2 are mere penny than paper counterparts, and the place and does not hold. A special screen of this device – the so-called "Electronic ink" – is specially designed for reading, so that your eyes will suffer far less damage than, for example, when reading from a computer monitor.

If the selection of books put you to a dead end – select subscribe to the magazine. "Around the World," "Popular Mechanics" and other similar publications and experts will be pleased, and their younger children smart. Search for unconventional solutions, and loved by connoisseurs guessing even more than ready-made facts and solutions. So look for a beautiful gift puzzles and quizzes. Classic Pentamino, Tangramom and Rubik's Cube "expert" is hardly surprised (though who knows, maybe he wants to indulge in nostalgia, and just that Cube itself is not enough for happiness). Here catamine, Neokub, various Smart Games have about a novelty, and it is possible that a connoisseur will a lot of pleasant moments, adding yet another puzzle, and remembering who gave it to him a gift.

Mist Nicaragua

Brief History: The first of January we had an invitation from our friend Maria Rizo Nicaragua. It was a much awaited event for us because that day would have the opportunity to learn how to prepare the meat in Mist, a typical dish of Nicaragua. That day we learned the closely guarded secrets of her mother Mrs Rosalpina Rizo who lives in Nicaragua and came to Miami to spend their vacations and take this opportunity to show us this succulent dish. Many thanks to our friend Mary and a million more to his mother Mrs Rosalpina. This is the recipe of the week.

Nicaraguan dish with strong indigenous roots. In Nicaragua, many families celebrate with a delicious whiff meetings as the main course, also Nicaraguans prefer during the holidays. The secret of this dish is marinating the meat the day before, cooking over medium heat for 2-3 hours and careful wrapping of banana leaf into the pan where you cook the meat. Ingredients: 4 pounds of corned beef brisket or 3 ripe bananas 3 green plantains peeled and cut into 3 pieces ea 3 yuca, peeled and cut into large pieces 6 Units chorizo. 1 package of banana leaves or 12 sheets.

2 tomatoes, sliced apple, finely chopped 1 for the sauce for 2 large onions, sliced, 1 finely chopped for the sauce to a large red Pimento, cut into thick julienne, 1 for for the sauce minced 1 large green pepper cut into Julian Thick, minced 1 to 2 for the sauce Juice of one sour orange, one for the sauce. 2 tablespoons vinegar, 4 tablespoons for sauce 1 / 4 cup water for 6 Units Pepper sauce or sweet chili sauce for minced head of garlic and / or 8 cloves peeled and crushed for marinating meat Salt and pepper to the marinade and sauce 1 teaspoon of sugar to the sauce Preparation: Marinate or marinate the meat with garlic, salt, pepper, onion, tomato, vinegar and sour orange juice . Wash banana leaves, dried, then take a large bowl and cover with part of the banana leaves. Then put the meat on them yet the marinade. Form a package and allow to marinate in the refrigerator for 24 hours. The next day, place a rack in a pan. Add water, but within the grid and put banana leaves on it, making what they call a bed or wrapped. Place on banana leaves and on these, the meat package with all the juice from the marinade; Add the yuca previously seasoned with salt, then place the peppers and cover with more banana leaves. Cover the pan tightly so that steam does not escape, and cook for 2 hours. Finally, uncover, place the sausages on the leaves, cover again and cook another hour. To prepare the sauce, take a bowl or small container, put the remaining tomatoes, finely chopped, the remaining onion, peeled and finely chopped, minced remaining peppers, remaining orange juice, vinegar, remaining water, sugar, salt and pepper to taste, pepper to taste if desired or spicy chili. Mix all ingredients well to dissolve sugar and salt. Tips: When serving each dish, cut the meat slices more or fewer partners and serve staggered and sides place a piece of ripe banana, green plantain another, a piece of cassava, a sausage, a strip of each pepper. Place the sauce in a single glass plate and place inside or you can wash the dish with the sauce.

Vichy Thermal Spa

Holiday, sun, vacation, travel – what, if not with the summer associate these magic words. Now rest in certain places in our country has become much more expensive than abroad. In the first place – is inexplicably high prices for housing – Up to 50% higher than in foreign countries. If you like an exotic vacation, Chile you enjoy the most. This country can offer you all the known types of tourism: Ecotourism, skiing, fishing, hiking, recreation on the lakes, many kilometers of beaches, cruises. One of the last wild corners of the earth – the pearl of tourism in Chile – Patagonia tours – in this beautiful place will surprise you with a unique natural topography, beautiful scenery, plenty of unique plants. In addition, the Chilean Patagonia has not been an invasion of people and remains the most environmentally friendly place on the planet.

If you want to spend a holiday not only entertaining but also useful for yourself, you enjoy the health resorts. They can not only relax wonderfully, but also improve their physical condition. Italian spa resort of Abano Terme, located in the Veneto region, is part of one of the world's largest thermal baths. Therapeutic mud spa thoroughly mature in 2 months that they have acquired their own unique healing properties. In the resort of Abano Terme rest every year about 60 thousand tourists from around the world with such indications as: rheumatism, arthritis, osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, abnormal metabolism, overweight, low immunity, stress and overwork. Another Italian medical Spa – Montecatini Terme.

He is an amazing place in Tuscany. Feature of this resort – its unique water that is saturated with different components and the most similar in composition to human fluids. Therapeutic muds are ripe for even longer – up to 2 years. The main specialization of the resort of Montecatini Terme – renal failure, bowel, stomach, liver failure, digestive disorders. Beautiful Vichy Thermal Spa, located in central France near Paris, is famous healing mineral waters. It was the resort of Vichy is the most qualified in the world for the treatment of hepatitis. It is very well developed infrastructure – the most beautiful parks and the racecourse.

Obesity In Our Pets

Many pet owners think their pet is not overweight have a problem. However, the truth is that obesity in pets pose serious health risks and it is something which vets are seeing more and more. In fact, recent statistics show that obese and overweight pets are more common than those of normal weight. Being obese means that more demands are placed on every organ in the body of your pet, stress is placed on joints and bones, and your pet is in a higher risk for a number of diseases and health concerns such as: * cancer * diabetes * liver disease * lameness * common conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia * pancreatitis * surgical and anesthetic risks growing * skin conditions including acne in cats * wheezing and respiratory disease * heart disease * Blood Pressure digestive problems * high * impaired immune function * heat intolerance list of concerns for obesity and health is long. In addition to shortening life, pets are obese generally have a poorer quality of life. They tend to be inactive because even the basic actions are consumers of energy and vigor. They spend lots of time with the uncomfortable feeling that can lead to increased irritability and depressed mood. so you think your pet is obese, now is the time for action! What causes obesity? In nature, there is a natural balance between food intake and energy expenditure. The animals must search for food, energy-consuming task, and the food we eat is low in fat and sugar.

Relations Property

The vices, the preferences, the vanity, had fomented the inaquality in a way such that if becomes impossible to retrocede, and this inaquality, born of the property and the ilusria necessity of the other, was, same it, now necessary; it was as if it was essential to differentiate themselves, to overlap themselves, to dominate, to serve. Also, in accord with the sprouting of the property, the first rules of justice are born so that the property was preserved. But it was not this legislation, still precarious, that made of the men bad beings, but the relations of happened domination and servitude of the property idea. When the man thought that he could enslave another one for not considering it equal or inferior admitiz it, when thought that he had on the other the power of its life and of its good it became ambitious and bad. The now effective right vacilava enters the law of strongest and of sliest and gave edge to all species of dispute, ' ' To the rising society a terrible state was followed of war; the human, lowered and desolate sort, already not being able to behind come back nor to resign to the unhappy acquisitions that make and working only toward its shame, for the abuse of the facultieses dignify that it, exactly placed itself to the doors of its runa.' ' 10 While it exempts, but already being enslaved of its good, fought to defend its life, and while in service Sir fought to defend its, but always he fought, because he could not have security he covets where it was greater that the mercy; the war, now installed, still more attenuated the relations of domination and servitude. Joining itself to be protected, the men if they had better grouped under gide of a leader and when accepting its designs had believed to assure the freedom, yielding a part not to lose all, ' ' as a wounded orders to cut the arm to save the remaining portion of corpo' '.


Look for reviews from real people on the internet about the stores, the benefit, there are plenty of sites where collected thousands of times. Naturally, if you see an online store 'h'postoyanno deceive the citizens, collecting money and not send the goods. What not to plunge pass by. Conversely, if a store has no 'scary' times, feel free to make a reservation. Someone too lazy to go into the savings bank and pay the bill. Well, if you buy goods in stores, then you must go to him. What difference does it go to the store or in a savings bank? Do not forget that most often shop online obtained much cheaper shopping in stores. That is, even for the sake of this difference can go to a savings bank, pay the ticket and wait for delivery.

In many 'Net-shops is possible to order payment credit card, electronic money, without leaving home. Do not forget that even if the shop is not possible to pay by credit card, you can pay the same ticket, using a system of bank-client, the site of his bank. Many scary is how is the exchange of defective or of faulty goods. When buying a product, whether delivery by courier or by mail, you must issue a guarantee documents. Again, read the reviews about the stores, that sell products without warranty. Further in accordance with the legislation go to the service center and repair. If you can not repair. Write an application for a refund or exchange goods for the same.