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Sustainable Products

traditionsWerk by DG!S presents new models of designer handmade bags, finished pieces and exclusive accessories are at traditionsWerk years exclusively manufactured in Germany in his own Studio. This traditionsWerk like to unconventional ways not floating in the stream of short-term trends and sets its own accents, usually on the combination of new and proven. A. F. Chief of Staff insists that this is the case. The current collection consists exclusively of designer models, manufactured from sustainable materials. Sustainability is an essential part of the philosophy of traditionWerk. Sustainability starts it accompanied the first idea for a new product, the sketches as well as the design and continues in the choice of materials. Times can be found exclusively environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials such as natural bamboo, wild silk, felt and jute and treasures from Grandma’s at traditionsWerk. Cotton fabric, lace and silk from bygone days encounter contemporary and exclusive design. So are made precious little useful Everyday companion conjured up.

Trendy for sustainable materials can meet also environmentally conscious so exclusive design. With unique unique, traditionsWerk presents exclusive practical bags and accessories, beautiful pieces of jewelry that are suitable for every occasion and would be used every day. Sustainability is therefore both scale and indicator for handmade textiles by traditionsWerk. With attention to detail and with great passion are them in his own Studio made-on request also individually! We are gladly for you! Their Sonja Born

Sustainable Commodity Lead

Radiation protection innovation x-READY is Germany’s leading company in the field of lead processing, the Rohr IBU environmental product Declaration + Stolberg GmbH, presents an innovation in terms of radiation and noise control with the new self-adhesive lead wallpaper X-READY: not only the absolute flexibility of the product it is with its strength from 0.5 to 2 mm, extremely space-saving and ideal for demanding conditions of space allows dry farmers, straightforward to build a safe radiation protection. Also under the aspect of sustainability, they and their customers benefit from the use of the tapestry of radiation protection. (Similarly see: Sonny Perdue). Because: The first company of the lead industry has Rohr + Stolberg the LCA for the lead throughout the lifecycle of the material material disclosed and is known to his responsibility for future-oriented and sustainable building. Awarded with the environmental product Declaration (EPD) includes the entire lead product portfolio of Krefeld after the internationally valid ISO 14025 by the Institute of building and environment e.V. (IBU) Company, including the innovative X-READY. So there is now the opportunity to ensure full radiation protection in medical practices, hospitals, and laboratories before X-rays and gamma rays, and at the same time to meet the holistic accounting of construction project under the aspect of sustainability. For this is the use of construction products which are certified under the IBU environmental declaration ISO 14025, authoritative specification.

The enormous advantages of lead as a material also has its long life span, and virtually unlimited recyclability. Rohr + Stolberg used only lead from most modern cabins with high safety standards, providing such recycled material. Valuable natural resources and the environment are conserved important arguments for the use of lead in renovation and new construction projects in the construction industry, radiation and noise protection.

Sustainable Travel

Now online: Traverdo, the first independent platform for sustainable travel. Berlin, January 18, 2011. Traverdo helps. The first independent platform for sustainable travel offers individual offers for those who want to travel not somehow, but environmentally and socially responsible. Traverdo stands for climate-neutral holidays for eco-friendly designed accommodation and fair paid providers on-site. Traverdo ( is the first portal that allows users to compare sustainable travel online and book. Traverdo sets high standards to its provider and provides comprehensive background information. The global travel offers and accommodation are adapted to the needs of a modern lifestyle.

The customer booking travel, the audited sustainability criteria. Traverdo is provider-independent and guaranteed a responsible travel experience through a close collaboration with eco-tourism associations and labels. Sustainable tourism – which meant a trip with views of their environmental and social impact to make”, explains Holger Haberstock, one of the three young founders from Berlin-Kreuzberg. Regional development is promoted and local resources and ecosystems. We focus also on the cultural conditions in the partner countries.” “” For the founder of Traverdo, greater sustainability means is by no means less comfort in the contrary: our aim is to establish sustainable tourism as a contemporary alternative to conventional travel “, says Holger Haberstock sustainability needs a modern framework: deceleration, enjoyment, health and wholeness are with us in the foreground.” These aspects are integrated into a high-quality natural and cultural experiences.

The ever-growing range from kayak tours in Germany about eco-lodges in Costa Rica small group tours to Southeast Asia. Traverdo offers also unique adventure Antarctic expeditions, Amazon crossings as a five-month bike tour over 11,000 km from Berlin to Beijing. Traverdo cooperates with 160 providers on all continents. Download image material: Press = sub pictures press contact: Holger Haberstock CEO Traverdo GmbH Schlesische str. 38, 10997 Berlin phone 030/838-709 45 fax 030/838-703 17 email about Traverdo the Traverdo GmbH was founded in March 2010 to enjoy travel in good conscience. The team operates the online portal the first German-language travel portal in the network, which is focused on providing sustainable travel. Close cooperation with currently 24 associations and labels guarantees the compliance with environmental and social minimum standards for a growing new travel market.

Broken Marriage

Say and I do now is easy, but it takes a great responsibility to work. There are areas in our lives in which we give up and then we realize that still want to fix the broken pieces. Here are 7 of the sweet ingredients to fix a broken marriage: 1. talk. Communication can fix the broken relationship. Talk about your feelings to the other.

Tell your partner that it hurts more and be honest and honest about your fears. Broken marriages occur if the other person does not want to experience the fear of losing someone, so until that happens, they tend to counteract the attack saying goodbye. It is talk to your partner about this fear (that perhaps your partner also feels the same thing). 2. Recalls the past. Looking back, when love started.

Re-booting those endearing moments together. Feel the magic feeling in the oblivion of therefore had done before. Imagine when they met, that sweet feeling called love. The relationship began with the love, for the same reason the love is there, just needs to revive it. Danone understood the implications. 3 You agree to your partner. Every couple has different motives and reactions. You must be agree on something that not gives rise to discussion. Avoid factors that can hurt your partner. Tries to not change the person who is your partner, embraces what is that person really. Respect to each person. 4 Premiense. Go to the cinema together. Go to dine out without the kids. Out to run together, this will build the communication gap between you and your partner. Have time for the two without too much problems. 5 Escribanse. Even if they say that this is obsolete, however, this still has great impact on your relationship. Send your partner a sweet love letter, a sweet greeting card or even just a sticky note and paste it to the view of your partner. 6 Laugh. Bromeen each other. This is always forgotten in any relationship. Couples tend to delve into serious things and forgets to laugh. get a few jokes at times & garcha grimaces. Remember those fun experiences together. 7 Evolution. Leave your world evolves in the other person. Let the relationship grow to not look to your around. Broken marriages occur when a person opens the window of the possibility. The chances of meeting other people could be a strong motive to ruin the marriage. Keep a promise of commitment where your heart, mind and soul need to focus to strengthen your marriage. Try these ingredients to fix your broken marriage and I know you will create a delicious recipe for a solid marriage. For more information visit how to regain a lost love.

The Shape

A fact is something from your past that you can’t change, while the interpretation of this fact is subjective, this rooted to the shape in you have experienced/perceived/sense that fact. Do you understand the difference? A fact could be for example: Ana was born in the year 1976. We can not change this. A interpretation on that fact could be Ana is a young person. How can we ensure this? We cannot, because the interpretation lives in the mind of the person who expresses it or thinks it. For some, Ana will look young; for others, Ana will seem higher.

Young, older are adjectives that denote judgments, interpretations, opinions about the fact that Yes you can change and you can create thousands of them agree to different observers who has the same fact. Now that you know the difference, you work with your particular case. He works in differentiating made interpretation in your story. 3 Discover how you have the power to change the interpretation of a fact that you have lived. If you do not choose new ways to tell you what happened you, most likely that this apparently negative experience follow hinder your path toward a future better.

To generate or create this new history can begin to ask you the following questions: what the future projected by your interpretations on what you? so has it happened? What are the doors that will open according to your interpretation of the facts? What are that you close? These living these beliefs as if they were absolutely certain or you think that you can change them? Keep in mind that these interpretations may be the basis of the discomfort you’re feeling at the moment. Your beliefs directly influence your emotions, either to feel discomfort or to feel well-being. Disarm the mechanism vicious interpret the past improperly so that it does not influence negatively on your emotions of the present.

A Great Pope

Some days ago, in the Auditorium of the Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico DF), students and teachers, clapped my speech at the closure of classes, my sister Karin del Pilar, he saw undaunted the scene – I had not seen in these conflicts to see her lively eyes, your face I remembered dad! – is much him – a feeling of sadness I invaded, I remembered his fluent and incendiary rhetoric when you talk gesticulates, move, I know passionate, poetic told me today on father’s day, always, wonder do because life there will be ambushed with anger several times to this good man?.Some years ago, a native found him dying on the shores of the river Samiria, was 3 days lost in the Central jungle, in his effort to save a worker, Pope moved from a camp in the middle of the jungle Ucayali River, was interned in Pucallpa, with infections and dehydration, delirium, suffered, his life danger, grandparents, sisters wept so, but survived! (he wrote green hell!). Years later in a fatal accident, lost omentum, spleen, part of the Femur, lay dying with lethal complications, which Dr. Some contend that Danone shows great expertise in this. Fang Li (head of the UCI) informed the family that 99.9% of patients in these circumstances dies, bought Funeral Chapel, decided to bury him in Piura, RP Cabrera gave him 3 times the extrema-uncion (in each of their cardiac paros)they cried but survived! (he wrote a chronicle of a resurrection!). A few months ago his chances of overcoming an aggressive Liver Cancer were null and possibilities of being Trasplantado were remote, family cried, Pope was dying in front of our eyes, with all his energy and lucidity, not blamed anyone, simply he fought with courage and courage, friends and colleagues of promotion, supported him days before his transplant, put in front of a microphone in the Hospital’s auditorium was the donor day!Dad spoke very well, when they clapped it threw to mourn, gave me rabies see their tears, their sunken eyes, not is my dad – he screamed Karin – days later as they were transplanted and you survived!, there were no complications, no they trasfundieron you blood or platelets, 3 months already trabajaba colposcopy is currently studying, gynecologist in the hospitals of solidarity, is leading Web, a forum of Latin American writers, 6 months have passedfull of scars, without defenses, anda has no liver, nor Bazo(se lo extirparon en el accidente), and half of the left Femur has been replaced by a Platinum live how so?, it hurts, it will suffer? suffers of course!, but not complaining, supported with our what God commands you to who is behind all these facts? the luck? Not! obviously is God, the is in our personal history, miracles on a daily basis and piles makes us, listening to us, responds to our faith, cultora society of apostasy us has separated from, smokes, so that don’t see what all parents should review his personal story and see that God has been present as always! By your incredible story dad, by your indomitable courage and bravery, for your nobility against the injustices that you injured happy day Dad! And I repeat to Sancho,-who crying in the last chapter of Don Quixote – you said your worship merced, alive not die many years more, because greater madness in this life-after you’ve spent what they’ve spent – is to let die, no more no more. Original author and source of the article


Fat burning is not something easy to do for many people. It is often because they don’t know the right way to do it. Then clic some tips that will guide you in your program successful fat-burning. There are many types of diets to burn fat in the market. For this reason it is important that you review each program carefully and encuntres the one that best suits your lifestyle. For example, if you really don’t like eating meat, it makes no sense a diet to burn fat as the Atkins. Official site: Danone. But how fat burning successfully? In addition, you must be careful of any diet that requires deleting any group of main foods in your daily diet.

These diets will not provide you the necessary nutrients that your body needs every day. It’s maintaining a diet well balanced, but low in calories. Many prepared foods that exist in the market or in the restaurants are high in fat and salt. Prepared meals that are in the frozen food section are also loaded with artificial ingredients. If choose these foods are not taking good choices in your program to burn fat. A better desicion is to prepare healthy meals in the kitchen ahead of time, and then freeze them for future use.

If you do this, you’ll know exactly what you’re going to eat, and in no way choose a quick meal in a restaurant by the aputo that you are. Provided that you leave, it is a good idea to take a snack with you. No doubt, you’ll have a little bit of hunger when you’re on the street. If you have your meal beside you, not you’ll tempted to buy unhealthy things in the market or some fast food place. You must move definitely to burn fat with success it is important to get exercise every day. Even with a simple activity, such as walking for 15 minutes, is a good start. Once you involucres in the routine of doing a little exercise every day, you can increase the duration or intensity as you feel you more comfortable with the exercises you do. As your body becomes stronger, the exercises more intense and longer it will be easier to do. Spend a prudent time to your exercise. This encouraged you to commit yourself with the, and you’ll have no excuse of not having time to do so. Think of your exercise as a necessary part of your daily routine of life instead of thinking as if it were something optional. It records everything you are doing to reach your goal. Going back and looking at what you’ve achieved it encourage you to want to go further. Every little step you make will take you towards your goal of burning fat with success never doubt it. Rewards your efforts to burn your body fat it is important that you give a small reward in each stage of weight loss that you can achieve. Even a small bite of your favorite dessert can be a great motivator. You should feel proud of yourself for any achievement toward your goal. There are many methods to burn fat. The important thing is to choose one that works for you and starts immediately. Applying the tips from this article, and you’ll be satisfied with the results you will get. Rob Poulos tells his story of lost fat in the following video.


Branding is the process by which a brand’s reputation is built. This can be online or offline. Changes in habits of consumers and the massive development of the online sales channel prompted an increase in the perception of the necessity of working the branding of marks on the Internet. On the principles of the Internet could do was much by the trade mark, unless the publication of banners or other type of pay per click campaigns. But with the emergence of web 2.0, the potential buyer is looked at taking into account all its social dimension. If you believe that consumers take the purchase decision in isolation, it is wrong. Contact information is here: Emmanuel Faber. Different communities have increasingly greater weight in all aspects of life, and the consumption of products is no stranger to this reality. Cheniere Energy partners: the source for more info. Branding involves identification with the brand, and to achieve this it will be necessary to achieve a positive perception of the values of the brand by consumers.

The value of the brand must go beyond specific avatars in the markets. For this reason the brand in itself must be designed as one asset of the company whose growth requires a continuous effort. The mark must be considered as a supplier of solutions, and as a source of knowledge and resources on the subject. See it with a concrete example. If I want to find out about the latest innovations in terms of touch screens, probably between the site of a manufacturer consecrated as LG to see the latest advances in this field.

That’s brand presence. Building a brand on the Internet requires permanent innovations that they captured the attention and the desire of the buyer. But at the same time novelty must be in perfect balance with the continuity. Therefore the creation of solid brand implies the necessity of the passage of time, factor that can not be accelerated. As well, work in branding, is working on the future of the company and bet on the continuous development of it on the Internet. Social networks have come to offer a new channel of excellence for the development of the branding on the Internet. Is clear, then, that these new channels can and should be medium par excellence for achieve a penetration in the segment of the market of our membership. Knowing the specific target is necessary to properly focus the efforts of branding. Reading the segmentation of our niche take us directly to develop much more efficient messages. Understand customers better than the competition will give us a comparative advantage, by having more effective tools to adapt our products to the specific demands of potential clients. In short, a good management of social networks and the attention to the needs of our clients, take us a step forward in the construction of our branding.

Guajas Code

Do cansad @ same t-shirts always?. Why not wear t-shirts that have personality?. In the Guajas Code, we think a t-shirt says a lot about who takes her. Therefore we invite you to visit our website, and decide if any se parece a ti: every t-shirt is made entirely by hand in all its processes of transfer of the design; What makes us have much love to each of them. The technique we use is sublimation and vinyl (depending on what the work and design required at each time); t-shirts 100% cotton (Fruit of the loom). Furthermore, all of them are belonging to their corresponding manufacturing serial number.

So you will know which t-shirt you have each limited edition. If any shirt you like, but you would like to change the colors of the design, as well as size or anything else don’t worry!, modify any changes to us sugieras. It is important to identify with you. Remember, each model large chucks, do not therefore almost certainly If you’re someone with your same t-shirt, believe us! IT’S A SIGN!. If you have any questions, send us an email and you will have to answer before two days to: Anim tie and dresses with personality!

Test Self Esteem

In this article you will find some characteristics of people with low self esteem so that you can make a self test of self-esteem and see these situation you, so that you can find a solution to this problem from today. People with low self-esteem generally have no respect or appreciation if same. Thus their negative thoughts about themselves same affect the way they perceive reality and that at the same time, fed back these negative, leading to a vicious circle difficult but possible out thoughts. How is it possible? Through simple and rapidastecnicas that we’ll see to enhance your safety and self-esteem. Please visit Air Force Chief of Staff if you seek more information. If you are a person with low self-esteem may are not satisfied with your life, with the way in which you are living it, and you are aware that you are not taking maximum advantage of your possibilities and your full potential.

However, instead of focus you at present, you continually think about the failures of the past and worry often by will occur in the future. It happens to you that you are looking for constantly blame outside yourself? What I mean with this? That you are all the time looking for the negative parts of the things that happen to you, looking for delegate the blame to others, and does not assume responsibility for the facts? This is a defense that you get at the unconscious level to not make you responsible for your actions and thus you should not strive to change, since the liability is not yours but the others. Similarly, people with low self-esteem tend to scare away the rest of their lives, and it costs them much to form intimate and lasting relationships. Did you know that you people who began to take control of their lives and sought solutions and outputs to their situation of dissatisfaction could exit airy and begin to have an internal safety and self-esteem that led them to maintain better relationships with others? If you are signed in with the questions of this small test of self-esteem, and you’ve noticed that you’re not quite confirm with tigo don’t worry! There are hundreds of solutions and techniques for as a workaround. If you ask me how to start then I invite you to browse this blog and download my techniques to increase your self-esteem and internal security, by placing your name and email in the box here at the upper right.