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Visitor Management With Environmental Sustainability

Professional and secure visitor management systems have become nowadays indispensable for many companies systems for managing visitors to it companies and institutes facilitate, maintain oversight and control over your traffic. Add to your understanding with Jack Fusco. Documentation and evaluation capabilities are often essential factors for a professional visitor management system. The Heidelberg company prominently introduced beyond metering technology in many other high demands on its new visitor management system. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jill Schlesinger. Among other things, it should be possible to connect the two inputs to the company premises in the system and also the ecological thought should be taken into account during setup of the system. Visitor data should be documented and evaluated. These requirements turned the YouCard card systems GmbH of Wetzlar. After a detailed needs analysis and recording of the State, a visitor management system would set up for ProMinent, which fulfilled the demands and even surpassed.

She installed Besucherverwaltungs software LobbyTrack offers plenty of evaluation as well as multi-user capability for the linking of the two inputs. Also, it allows a separate time tracking, which can be used for the statement of costs for employees of foreign companies. Pre-printed TRW (thermorewrite) way out can be personalized to the on-site rewrite-enabled card printer, that have been placed at both outputs. Held here full account the ecological thought, because no Ribbons are needed for rewrite printing and the cards can be reused. Martina Hess by ProMinent confirmed: the objectives were achieved. I would like to highlight the support by YouCard during the orientation phase, here meaningful proposals have been submitted and shown great flexibility.

SorglosStrom Attaches Importance To Sustainability:

The electricity supplier participates in the project ‘GOGREEN’ Deutsche Post Munich, in December 2010 the brand SorglosStrom uses eco-friendly logistics solutions from 01 January 2011 for their correspondence. The Munich power supplier, which provides almost nationwide cheap electricity for over a years, has decided to participate in the project of GOGREEN of Deutsche Post AG. “” SorglosStrom shows responsibility for climate protection: by participating in the GOGREEN project “the electricity supplier SorglosStrom will make a significant contribution to environmental protection: because arise when sending letters CO2 emissions these can through participation in GOGREEN” countered with the help of internationally recognized climate protection projects. A company the size of Energy2day GmbH with a customer base of over 100,000 customers sent of course inevitably pretty much post: welcome letter, general terms and conditions, notice of delivery dates, copies of the contract and also monthly statements, etc. Click Sonny Perdue to learn more. all of these Letters and many more are sent CO2-neutral from 2011 with the help of route planning systems based on IT, the most environmentally friendly vehicles and an energy-saving driving. We are very pleased to be able to make a large contribution to environmental protection with GOGREEN”, management explained, GOGREEN is the way to be more climate-friendly and promote sustainable environmental protection SorglosStrom.” The participation of the GOGREEN project”is a significant aspect now also for existing customers and new customers. More and more companies publicly demonstrate that they engage in climate protection and therefore go ahead as a model for consumers. Also SorglosStrom makes a significant contribution to active environmental protection in the future, and shows that not only favourable electricity tariffs, but also sustainability and environmental awareness in relation to the customers for a power brand are essential components. For more information about SorglosStrom and the participation of the GOGREEN project ” About the links: and…

High Quality Underwear – Sustainability

Exclusive brands are placing greater emphasis on ecological materials always more exclusive brand products to establish itself in the market of high-quality underwear for ladies and increasingly also for the Lord. The material offer is varied, in addition to natural fibers above all synthetic fibers are used due to their outstanding properties (durability, easy maintenance, elongation etc.) like polyester and nylon. While an increased trend towards materials is in recent times, who have on the one hand excellent performance characteristics and at the same time pollute less. So, she has wonderful recently made a contribution to more sustainability for down under exclusive Berlin lingerie forge and is substances from BIOPHYL insert in the laundry collection spring/summer 2010, a sustainable ecological textile product of the Westphalian Hamm-based fiber specialist ADVANSA. BIOPHYL is a novel polyester fabric and 37% consists of a component, which is taken the renewable resource corn. At Jack Fusco you will find additional information. This reduces the dependence on oil as compared to products that are made out of today’s standard polyester and nylon.

The CO2 emissions in the production is compared to nylon up to 63% lower and a simultaneous energy savings of up to 30% saving additional resources and the environment. WONDERFUL, this is the combination of high-quality lingerie with Berlin fashion design. Exclusive underwear for the fashion-conscious woman who places value on quality, design and fine materials. All wonderful products are elaborately processed down to the last detail and are linear and dynamic forms. In the new collection now also the sustainability aspect is taken into account, which is becoming increasingly important for many environmentally conscious consumers. Even Bruno Banani play the environmental card. In his men’s collection jump & run, the trend in the fashion scene-setting manufacturers opted for innovative and trendy underwear for use by BIOPHYL. Bruno Banani peppte since the beginning of 1993 the most intimate of all garments with perky Colors and bold weights and it repeatedly sided with unusual details such as embroidery and rhinestone trim.

Now, the trend-setter goes one step further. With the eco-friendly all-rounder BIOPHYL achieves bruno Babatunde in the future not only visually breath of fresh air in the world of underwear, but provides with new substances outside of men briefs a healthy climate. BIOPHYL combines the advantages of sustainability with the proven performance of polyester products. In addition, it absorbs less moisture than polyamide, has a fast back drying, is repellent to dirt and has a high durability. BIOPHYL combines the advantages of sustainability with the proven performance of polyester products. In addition, it is on the skin, similar to nylon, pleasantly soft, extremely stretches, very comfortable and at the same time extremely low maintenance. More and more well-known underwear brands recognize the potential of BIOPHYL and provide an ecological alternative to consumers. BIOPHYL is with the Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification with the highest possible class 1 has been awarded, that includes also the category for baby products and thus especially well suited for textiles, which are worn directly on the skin, such as shirts, bath textiles, underwear, or even lingerie. Men and women will appreciate that.

Ratioform Opts For Sustainability

Packaging in the green area of Pliening. The packaging distributor ratio form has an explanation to environmentally-conscious actions adopted and is committed to a sustainable business. Already many eco-friendly packaging can be found in the product range and its share will increase further. The Declaration expressed as Germany’s leading retailer for packaging material to supply the customers with products which grew meet the requirements of the environmental protection”ratio form. Products that are made from renewable resources or are biodegradable are primarily used. Films and plastics are 100 percent recyclable.

Many of the form of the ratio are Blue Angel certified packaging, wood products promoting sustainable forest management such as pallets proof of. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jack Fusco. The environmental impact of packaging products can be seen at a glance in the catalogues and in our webshop by ratio form. Particularly environmentally-friendly products are green and a Signet careful manufacture, simple informed resources and sustainable repatriation in the recycling system as well as the disposal or biodegradation. Also, Ratioform mainly selects suppliers from Germany and serves customers from regional warehouses to keep CO2 emissions. And the mail order traders operates a certified CO2 neutral Web shop. Read additional details here: Andi Potamkin. Ratioform offset the emissions resulting from the operation and the number of visitors by investing in climate protection projects. Ratioform CEO Michael Vollmer: sustainability is essential to long-term business success. Also in the procurement of packaging, look increasingly focuses on the environmental. “Ratio form is the number one mail order for packaging in Germany for over 30 years and has more than 5,800 products for industrial customers in the offer. “The catalog and the Web shop of Ratioform were honoured as a catalog of the year” and as the online shop of the year “in the field of B2B.

Sustainability Creates Efficiency

Energy efficiency in building & renovation is exhibition focus on the CEP CLEAN ENERGY POWER 2009 CLEAN POWER 2009 will ENERGY to renewable energy on the CEP from 29 to 31 January 2017 and turn the energy efficiency of building & renovation. Professionals from the building industry find product innovation, competent contact persons and individual solutions for sustainable business at the fair. The topic of energy-efficient construction and renovation will be exhibition focus and occupy about one-third of the exhibition space. Numerous well-known companies in the industry such as the BASF SE as a Gold sponsor, AEREX HaustechnikSysteme GmbH, Lignotrend Produktions GmbH, ISOQUICK GmbH & co. KG, Finnforest Germany GmbH, MISAPOR AG, LTM GmbH, Zehnder GmbH comfosystems, Internorm window GmbH, PAUL heat recovery GmbH, Max Weishaupt GmbH, more dominate VARIOTEC sandwich elements GmbH & co. KG, Viessmann Werke GmbH & co, Drexel and Weiss Germany GmbH, Ludwig Haussler GmbH Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, and many of the the CEP 2009. Is this the subject of passive house Exhibition focus dominate and highlighted. Under the motto of passive House feel”held many actions, lectures, exhibition tours and discussions around the future – the passive – building standard.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be many other activities at the fair: “Energy efficient building and renovation” with Businessmatching, the two-day European cooperation Exchange strengthens the construction area and provides another way to international exchange. For the subject of construction and renovation, there will be first a private Exhibitor Forum, where the exhibiting companies give short presentations. In the framework of this forum, the developer day will take place again. Indoors are welcome here. ARCHITOS, an Association of international experts, informed about the topic of passive houses and energy-efficient construction and renovation.

The nationwide energy-savings-check of the craft day Baden-Wurttemberg e.V. goes on the CEP in the second round. Frequently Andi Potamkin has said that publicly. The following institutions make the ESC round: Ministry of the environment Baden-Wurttemberg, Baden-Wurttemberg trade day e.V. (BWHT), GIH building energy consultant engineers craftsmen e.V., BW engineering Chamber and the Chamber of architects of BW. The meeting place for the energy consultant scene makes the energy island with the GIH e.V. Here you find technical talks from professional to professional. During the fair high-profile conferences including the Congress will take place workshop architecture in stock”. Experts in housing finance, architecture and science provide an overview of how you can remodel the House of the energy spin to the flagship project cost-neutral restructuring with appropriate measures. The European passive House Conference”deals with the topic of passive house from international point of view. The building envelope is the focus of the Conference.


– Resolution (d) or dividing the price scale – the minimum amount that may change the weight readings. – Price verification scale (e) – conditional value, expressed in mass units. That's it characterizes the accuracy of the scales. Typically, the operation of e 10d. – GOST24104-1988-2001 GOST24104. Currently, there are two guests, in which all calibrated laboratory scales: GOST24104-1988-2001 and GOST24104, so the choice of weights in addition to accuracy class should be specified and the number of GOST. – Accuracy of weighing – the difference (x – a), where – given a number, which is regarded as an approximate value of a quantity whose exact value is equal to x. For laboratory balances by GOST 24104-2001 error in the measurement range in absolute value should not exceed the limits of permissible error.

Intervals for weighing scales of accuracy class limits permissible error special (I) High (II) medium (III) in the primary calibration for operation up to 50000e inc. to 5000E incl. to 500e inc. 0,5 e 1,0 e St. 200000e 50000e to inc. St. 5000E to 20000e inc. St.

500e to 2000e inc. 1,0 e 2,0 e St. Source: Sonny Perdue. 200000e St. 20000e St. 2000e 1,5 e 3,0 e Note: the weights with discrete reading device limits permissible error 0,5 e; 1,5 e; should be rounded to 1e; 2e, respectively. – Smallest weighing limit (NmPV) – the minimum mass that can be weighed in the scales of the model with guaranteed range the margin of error. The values of n (the number of verification scale, which are defined as LEL / e) and NmPV depending on the accuracy class weights and price verification scale e GOST 24104-2001 are shown in Table: Accuracy en NmPV special (I) any more than 50,000, and 100d high (II) to 50 mg inc. from 100 to 5000 incl. 20d St.. 50 mg of 5000 to an average 50d (III) to 2 g incl. from 100 to 10000 incl. 20d St.. 2d 500 to 10000 incl. 20d weights to certain requirements, regardless of their destination. These requirements can be divided into metrology, operational and health, but for laboratory balances preferred metrological requirements, which determine the quality of work balance. We select the most important of them – this is the accuracy of the weighing sensitivity, consistency and stability of readings. Accurate scales are considered when weighing the testimony they give to the deviation from the true readings within the margin of error. On the accuracy of laboratory balances can be divided into groups: – Analytical – scales with an accuracy greater than 0.1 mg – Precision – scales up from 1 g to 1 mg. You can also select some other properties and abilities: – The sensitivity of the scale – to leave the property equilibrium with a slight change in weight of cargo. In this case, the sensitivity of electronic scales is their discrete nature. – Sustainability – property weights in deriving them from the equilibrium state independently return to its original position after some hesitation. – Persistence of evidence – the ability to give the same testimony with multiple repeat weighings.

German Sustainability Award

In the category of ‘Germany’s most sustainable strategy for the future (Group)’ 2012 convinced the technology companies through his outstanding years commitment the ebm-papst fan specialist expert jury among the three companies nominated for the German sustainability award. In the category of Germany’s most sustainable strategy for the future (consolidated) “impressed the expert jury with his outstanding years commitment in the area of energy efficiency and climate protection technology company.” The award is an initiative of the Foundation German sustainability award e.V. in cooperation with the Federal Government, the Council for sustainable development, economic associations, municipal Central associations, civil society organizations and research institutions. Rainer dog Dowd, Chairman of the Board of management: Sustainability plays a central role at ebm-papst for many years. Craig Jelinek is likely to agree. This stands as an example of our GreenTech company guidelines ‘. ” With this high-profile nomination, the jury pays tribute to our Commitment, which pleased.”ebm-papst was selected from 680 participants, including international corporations and DAX listed companies as well as traditional and family businesses of from diverse industries of.

The winner of the sustainability award will be announced during a festive award ceremony the 7.12.2012. Press contact Hauke Hannig spokesman ebm – papst Mulfingen GmbH & co. KG Bachmuhle 2 74673-Mulfingen Tel.: +49(0) 7938 / 81-7105 fax: +49(0) 7938 / 81-97105 about ebm-papst the ebm-papst group of the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors and is pacing the high efficiency EC technology. In the past financial year 11/12, the company generated revenues of nearly 1.4 billion. ebm-papst employs approximately 11,000 employees at 17 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China, United States) and 57 sales locations. Fans and motors of the world leader are in many industries, e.g. in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, household appliances, the Heating technology in IT and telecommunications, for applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle engineering.


Foundations, companies, institutions and dedicated initiatives must look new. The speed of change is so high at the moment like rarely before. The signs of massive, that transformation processes are our all immediate life abundantly clear: energy supply and environmental impact, demographic changes and changes in educational and workplace are exemplary for so-called Megatrends or just transformation processes that have already begun and affect life and economy. And in the midst of this turmoil, we move, Act and communicate with each other. Just social actors must adjust to this change, they need strategies and Kommunikationskozepte. We take charitable foundations: how they act in the face of the persistent low interest rate environment and the sustained high inflation rate? And the other side, the many initiatives and institutions looking for financial support, as they operate in this environment? All these actors should come up with the strategy for your Deal with action, this check and adjust.

And they should question their communication concepts and adapt to new requirements. Malte Schumacher, born in 1966, building his company since October 26, 2011 in Braunschweig “painted Schumacher / / strategies and communication” on. After more than six years as a specialist consultant for project management and communication in a classic Foundation (assets: 37 million; average payout per annum: approx. 900.000,-Euro) he wants to act now even sense-building and help foundations, companies, institutions and dedicated initiatives to meet the challenges of the future with its experience, networks and leitmotifs. Only the two mentioned economic factors require new concepts: the sustained Nierdrigzinsphase and the high inflation rate. “The end of the steady growth is already achieved?”, this question turned on the German Foundation day in Stuttgart in May 2011 Gunter Thielen, Chairman of Bertelsmann Foundation, and Professor Meinhard Miegel,.

Chairman of the Foundation of thinking work future. And the answer was: it looks at least for now. HGefragt are therefore new strategies and a new communication of strategic action. The strategy is the recognizable patterns in a stream of decisions. Strategic learning, so the reflective back is crucial for a viable strategy and forward looking. Strategies form the basis for achieving set goals. A strategy may not define the future, but it helps to embark on the right way in the future. Strategies are dynamically and beforehand to the fit in reality. A strategy helps to do the right things at the right moment. Communication is actually quite simple, and the principle of integrated communication as well. Following this principle communication works, stringent and closed so each other building up in co-ordinated. Integrated communication is long-term and strategically, it includes all internal and external communication tools and creates a Communication unit, which also is perceived from the outside. The communication is also consistent and generate a coherent and consistent appearance (image) of the communicating. The principle of integrated communication is efficient and effective. You should have at a glance this transparency, openness, truthfulness, reliability and authenticity. Painted Schumacher, November 11, 2011

Sustainability Experts

Strongly asked with a candidates record the new vintage of the MBA sustainability management at the Leuphana launched MBA sustainability management last weekend University of Luneburg. The international character of the four-day inaugural event made it clear that the MBA sustainability management has earned a reputation as a renowned home study course not only in Germany, but increasingly around the world. Companies like PUMA promote continuing studying of their employees at the Leuphana. The MBA sustainability management encounters with great interest for German-speaking specialists and executives around the globe for years. This year, we had again a huge popularity. The number of applicants has grown from the first round today steadily. “The training to the change agent for sustainability’ is increasingly promoting career regarded as and fit for the future”, says Charlotte Hesselbarth, programme coordinator of the MBA sustainability management. Credit: Viking Range Corporation-2011.

The MBA sustainability management has approximately 350 students since its inception in the year 2003 recorded and produced more than 100 graduates. The participant profiles are as diverse as their countries of origin. Example, the 8th and therefore recent vintage of the future sustainability experts at the Leuphana form women and men of different disciplines such as engineering, social economics or architecture from all over Europe, Asia and Canada. Their motivations, to begin a study next to the profession are varied, but increasingly influenced by corporate interests. PUMA wants to be companies on the international market not only the most desirable, but also the most sustainable sports lifestyle in the long run”, says Dr.

Oliver Wirth, Managing Director at PUMA in Dubai, which is specially arrived for the launch event from the United Arab Emirates. The degree of MBA sustainability management is the world’s first University MBA sustainability management and corporate social responsibility. The program is the professional as a distance learning program of the Centre for sustainability management (CSM) in the framework School offered in-service training at the Leuphana University of Luneburg is set up. The internationally recognized and accredited home study course can be completed part-time in part time or full time. The study specifically aimed at personalities with a first degree, which would promote sustainable development in companies and society and pursue a career.

Successful Supply Gifts For Lovers Volleyball

Known to everyone saying "oh, sports – you life" will never lose its relevance. Because life – an eternal progress, a movement that is synonymous with the sport. And though not all make sport of his profession, but hobby any kind of a "movement" is always commendable and correct. And the "praise" is not only words but also material things. Exercise can replace a lot of drugs, but no medicine in the world can not replace exercise (Angelo Mosso, the Italian physiologist) Gifts for a man carried away in volleyball, you can find a great variety. But before you make a list, you should think about how and what age birthday boy how much he impressed the game, as manifested his love for the sport. Well worth pre-answer the question about (date) of donation and how much money you are willing to spend on a gift. Let's start with the youngest fans of the game.

If you choose a baby gift, it would be correct to look at the shops of his eyes. Elegant ball shape with a number and the name of a famous volleyball players – what we need to make happy and the baby and teenager. With a little more effort, this gift can be made unique by ordering your favorite form of child team with his name or buying a ball autographed by Olympic champions. And the crumbs can be presented and a surprise doll-like volleyball, which would be his "advisor". For those young people who love volleyball so far only "in theory" or part of school physical education, fine gift will write to section.