Asbestos Well

You can flash the corners with wire, but I still get tight enough. The result – not a very long time of burning as fuel in them just do not withheld. Rolls (Rolls). Is also quite popular. They can be made of completely different sizes, increasing the area (taking Stropu wider) or volume (original).

The first – for the size of the flame, the second – for the time of burning. Monkey fist. This is such a great site – monkey fist. Tally from the rope. At their manufacturing to insert into some core, so these wicks are always pretty heavy.

But too well absorb and burn well. Tangle. Most of the Asbestos – take asbestos rope, make a ball and wrapped the top with a grid of wires. MoonBlaze. One such wick is made of two narrow strips of Kevlar. Very well absorb the fuel and the less it is sprayed, as they smaller gaps. Death Star. According to the description – very brightly lit first, then as usual kafedraly. For some poi are used by several wicks. Also there is a variation of poi – fire snake (fire snakes) – when instead of a wick used Kevlar rope. Working with such poi looks almost the same as working with the flags. Poi of socks. These poi are made from long tubes of cloth (often long-colored socks) with a scoop for the weight on one end and with a knot at the other. Often just use them for training – as myagy material does not allow himself to swipe a failed stunt performance.