April Region

Kucheryavyy April 7, 1940 after his death. In Cherikov city a street is named after VD Curly, and at home in Surazh bust in the Alley of Heroes. Potbelly George Ivanovich was born in the village of the village council Fedorovka Nivnyanskogo Surazh district in 1907. For finishing the seven Classes Nivnyanskoy school, he worked at a local farm, served in the Red Army and then worked in the NKVD. Egg pod to the front, GI came in 1941 as commander of a platoon of the 85th separate pontoon bridge battalion of the 61st Army Central Front.

Military rank – lieutenant. From the western border with parts of our army retreated in continuous battles and military unit commanded by our compatriot, George Ivanovitch Egg pod. Special personal courage and heroism displayed by Georgy break defense in the village Ljubech Repkinskogo region Chernigov region, where on the night of October 6, 1943 under enemy fire provided the crossing of our troops in the vanguard Dnieper. And, being wounded, made three more flights on the pontoons, which were ferried across the river further 350 soldiers with weapons. For this brave and courageous act by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on January 15, 1944 Georgy Egg pod was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Despite the wounds received in fights, GI Potbelly continued to fight valiantly against the enemy. For his leadership during the war subordinate military unit, our countryman was awarded the Order of Lenin, World War II degree, the Red Star and many medals.