Began to emerge by the year 2007 and had fallen the night in Colombia. In a stadium Paraguayan youth national team was recovering from a difficult first half against Argentina and in a day of good football and special category, the boys rallied and turned to the scoreboard. History will show Colombia as winner of that game by two goals to one. In addition to the game a goal was well made, the kind that football fans are ready to celebrate, no matter who has already done so please tell which team. Figure doubt the match: Juan Pablo Pino midfielder whose performance was outstanding. Then the team lost to Uruguay and won with difficulty against Ecuador and Venezuela. In the first round was in first place, but not convinced.

It was a fact: the national team was the weakest of how many had obtained their final round qualifiers. And its fragility was stripped successively by Chileans, Uruguayans and Paraguayans. Finally Colombia would be eliminated almost unnoticed Although the format of the tournament was to classify four of the six teams competing. In the end only two would be eliminated and … Colombia was one of them! Where was our problem? The problem of Colombians, not just in sports but in other areas, is their attitude. Which is why our young people fought to the end to win a ball, hence delivering the ball to an opponent after you have recovered, which is why they give up too soon. The attitude is a favorable or unfavorable reaction to something or someone, which is manifested in our actions.

And, although not sorry to say, sometimes we lose because we believe more than others and others that we see very large obstacles. The day we improve the attitude we will be happy celebrating goals and triumphs. Inside and outside the court.