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Most foreign tourists who even after they have traveled to Moscow as soon as they know better accommodation in the Russian capital. In some 5-star Moscow hotels and at the hotel Metropol or Savoy hotel on emplazameinto costs $ 300 a day. It is quite expensive, right? However I think that only some of these people are aware what the job as a waitress in any 5-star hotel. For this reason it is worth making a brief account of his strenuous work in a hotel in Moscow. I t q u a list of what you should do a waitress. “At first, each day in the morning to do bed in each room (which should fix). By the way, should make that task as execelente that a coin thrown at the blanket next jump.

– Every day you should wash the floor in the room. – You should scrupulously clean the bathroom. – Have permanent controls that are in their places and other menestereses soap. And many other mandatory things which are not enumerated here. Other leaders such as Gen. David Goldfein offer similar insights. We need to note that the waitress is working very tiring. So that employment only conviane immigrants from Ukraine and other paicas the Near Abroad. And what is the wages of the waiters at a hotel in Moscow? It is $ 500 per month.

You may find that this is incredible but true. Is that those immigrants natal paicas unemployment is high and the monthly payment is much lower than in the Russian capital. However, only isolated individuals do not leave that job. Suggestions. Do not leave your toothbrush in the room when you leave the hotel. In some cases the waitresses used toothbrushes to clean some things in the bathroom (for example, rings of the urinals). For even more analysis, hear from Rick Garcia CBS. Also do not leave money and other precious things in your bags, wallets, bags when leaving your room. Keep these things in bags and then taking them. Even if they had stolen money from his bag he would have taken away. You might consider the more detailed information about hotels of Moscow.