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Michael Jackson

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In, since Friday, they have not stopped lighting candles or deposit flowers in memory of Miguel Delibes and in remembrance of the beloved also;Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, on the 30th anniversary of his death when we go someone so close and admired as the Maestro Delibes, which has enriched us with their books

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The Slopes

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The massive opening leads to hypothermia hypothermia window and its elements (glazing beads, glass, etc.) that cause condensation on the surface of glass and elements of the window, even at a humidity of 55-60%. The difference of the expansion coefficients of the solution and the plaster may manifest itself later in the form of cracks

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Aikido Yoshinkan

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Aikido in our day become as popular form of martial arts such as karate or judo. Many believe that it is inferior to them in performance, but, despite this continues to spread aikido, and hundreds people sincerely want to start practicing this form of martial arts in his spare time. For more clarity and thought,

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