Month: April 2012


Therefore, when we laugh, this is equivalent to a walk in the woods or an oxygen cocktail. Move the shoulders, chest shakes, vibrates the diaphragm. Neck and back muscles are relaxed, laughter promotes deep relaxation 80 groups of muscles. As with physical exercise, heart rate quickens, reduced the level of cholesterol, and endocrine glands produce substances that remove the headache. One minute of laughter can be equated to 25 minutes of aerobic exercise! In addition, laughter stimulates the immune and nervous systems, soothes pain, reduces stress and normalizes intestinal activity, and in addition, increases creativity. It is noticed that the smile adorns every person, so – improves the appearance – tones the facial muscles.

All these evidence shows that laughter has beneficial effects on the function of the human body. Patients who are more laughs, more quickly recover. They are easier to carry their ailments. Laughter – a means by which armed the man she Nature. And besides – with no side effects. Of course, the laughter does not cure, but it eliminates the feeling of hopelessness, creates positive emotions, which ultimately help to recover. In fact, laughter can be happy and sad, kind, and poisonous, clever and foolish, proud, sincere, forgiving and ingratiating, contemptuous and frightened, arrogant and humble, simple-hearted and ironic, meaningful and gratuitous, shameless and embarrassed – most experts have counted about 400 variations of laughter. Psychologists, defining the psycho-emotional health, consider a combination of factors, and one of the most important – sense of humor and ability to laugh at themselves.

Those who wish to offer to fill the questionnaire, including questions such as: When was the last time I laughed at you? Over what, exactly? Over some event in my life I would have to laugh, but still did not do it? Over how their quality, I would like to laugh? Over than myself I will never, ever that I would not laugh? There is a famous expression that all the nonsense in the world are made with a straight face. Conducted studies have shown that people who laughs, less committed indecent acts, easier to solve problems is more generosity and willingness to help. Obviously, the gloom and unsmiling entail the opposite effect. So laugh your health!